Slayed By Himself

Like the seed which received Rain’s smile; the sun’s shelter But remained without a shoot; life’s print, A mockery of the hoe’s labour, He sulked in his gloom Praying that his day to bloom Be made manifest before The very eyes of goats That in lush vegetation gloat Over the pains they caused him, And… Continue reading Slayed By Himself

Memoir of A Religious Girl

…My father busied himself wondering what on earth he should do. Money seemed to be a rare commodity at the time. It was in the time that Big B paddled the canoe of our nation. I could see myself torn between life and death. The yearning to live longer and the cry to be liberated from this torment even if death is the answer, I would not mind. I was at that point where willingness to do anything to regain comfort could not be compromised. I felt like praying. But the last time I prayed before then is a subject we will discuss maybe when am strong enough to face the shame. I wished God should hear the cry of my heart. He hears our hearts cry, doesnt he?… 

​Symphony of Experimentalists

We all wish to be called Alice And fly into a land of true dreams. We all feel like connecting to beyond The lines our horizon speaks of Against the never ceasing ideas That life is as good as music. We could walk along the varying tempos of this music And wander in dreamland like Alice… Continue reading ​Symphony of Experimentalists