We, The Thomases

When I struggled with my faith three years ago, I wrote many things. This is one of them

Day of The Dead

what if you hear a different story of me?

Failed Dreams

When you dream, you see a man in his prime full of happiness for his achievements. A man that has grown beyond the constant blackout and grinding sounds of electricity generators in his small village where the seemingly mighty, freely trod upon those who can barely afford a quarter to decent education for their kids….

Falling Off…

Our chests were heavy. A heaviness that came from too many light things that are siblings of the night. Nights you can only witness in the Evil Forest, where souls rarely make it back from. We touched the very thing we could not see in the day; a time when the sun reigns. But there…

A Night is Coming

A night is coming when you will look at the sky and there would be no star, staring right back at you. You will find yourself in the company of the tides from the beach, lovelorn. Darkness whispering melodies found only in dirges. You will remember when you once sat with your lover, eyes meeting…